Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Apache Roller Not Running Smoothly On Glassfish

Few days ago, I've tried installing Apache Roller 5.0 for my blog engine with MySQL and running it on glassfish 3.1.2 application server. At first glance, roller runs smoothly. I try to configure global roller configuration using server admin page and then create, edit, and delete blog post, changing themes, etc.
The problem comes when I want to create a blog post with an image from local media. To do that, I must upload the media file first, and then attach it on the editor. After successfully upload the media file, go back to the media file manager. My file that just uploaded not found, but it found if searched using roller search tool. It fixed if I restart glassfish domain and log in again.
There is one more problem after restarting glassfish domain. It's when I delete an uploaded file, the media file viewer still shows the border of the image container but no image on it, just the file name at the bottom.
There's no solution to this bug yet, but I have submit a report to JIRA@apache. While waiting for the bug fixed, I try deploy roller, run it with tomcat and voila, the bugs are gone! :D
My question are.. :
  • Is it because glassfish not using openjpa library for persistence layer?
  • Is there a cache in the URI resource that not refreshed after upload/delete image? If there is any of it, which part in the glassfish configuration that I should change?
  • Is the problem occur on the glassfish transaction service?
Hope the apache roller developer get the bug fixed ASAP since I should use it on my project. :\

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moinmoin Wiki Engine

This is my first post at 2012. I want to get used to post articles at this blog again, beside my activities at the office. At this post, I want to share about a wiki engine that I currently interested in. It is named moinmoin. It is not a new wiki engine and has already well known at world wild. This wiki engine is developed using python programming language. I love this wiki engine because this wiki engine is well documented, easy to setup, easy to use and it has many features, including but not limited to:
  1. Easy wiki syntax.
  2. Runs at any web server such as apache, nginx and moinmoin stand alone web server(using python). But if you want to use apache or nginx, you need wsgi or fast-cgi module for the respective webserver. Don't use cgi since it's slow.
  3. Macros. -- I love the macro that help create the table of contents :)
  4. Auto numbering.
  5. Easy leveling the depth of item/numbered list.
  6. Private sub page.
  7. It's content saved in plain text format. It means, save harddisk space and light weight.
  8. Many plugins/addons.
Currently I'm beginning to use moinmoin for works on any non-source code documentation at the office collaborate with my partners. Since it runs on web browser, everyone can read it. Trust me, it's fun. And it's even more fun if you combine moinmoin with dropbox! :D
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Monday, November 7, 2011

My Next Distro: Arch Linux

Slackware is my favourite linux distro since approximately 4.5 years ago. It brings so many useful experience to me at the very beginning I learn linux in early 2008. I still remember how I confuse because there are no desktop environment at the startup, and then I realize that there is one "magic command" that change everything. The startx. LOL .. And then I learn how to get connected to the internet using wireless network, configuring sound card, installing video driver, configuring xorg server, mounting removable disks, compile application from source tarball and slackware package manager, inserting and removing kernel modules, and many more... At the end, Slackware makes me understand how linux look like and how it works. Thanks to Patrick Volkerding who create and mantain this great distro until now.
These days, I try to take a new challenge. I want to switch the distro that I used everyday. But I didn't find any distro until I try Arch Linux. At first, I try Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot" that has package manager that resolve dependency automatically based on the repository. I think it's very useful since make the user more productive with no more searching the package dependency to just install one package. Slackware don't have this feature and I think that's Slackware cons. For example, I have to compile and install 42 dependency package by myself for one vlc package with complete feature. Pheww... Ubuntu is a great distro too, since I like the font in Ubuntu that very readable. easy installing package and almost all configuration done in GUI. But after all, I think it becomes not flexible and I cannot control all the system. The configurations are like totally recreated(ex: no /etc/inittab), so when I use Ubuntu, I just only learn Ubuntu. In addition, there is new desktop environment in Ubuntu called Unity, which is just graduate and I think not stable yet. The Unity cannot be configured easily except compiz-config-settings-manager is installed. Because of this, I want to try another distro that keep simple like Slackware :) I look for the distro, read the top ten disto review at distrowatch.com. After that, I think I found a simple distro called Arch Linux.
Arch linux has a small ISO installer package and I dowload for the i686 architecture and install on my laptop. It's installation time is amazingly very short! Just 5-10 minutes and rebooting....... So, the Arch boot in the text mode and yes.... there are no desktop environment at all. damn..... And then I try to install KDE as the desktop environment with
pacman -S kde
Okay.. I wait for a century to finish the download process since the internet connection is slow. Finally after KDE installed, I can start exploring Arch with more comfortable. The KDE here is version 4.7.3. Hmm... 1..2...3... It's like another Slackware.. ;) I install the applicatons that I need and not forget to install codecs too for listening to my mp3 music file.. yeahh!! Hmmm.. looks like everything complete now. So, I can continue my journey with Arch.... installing developer tools that I need and start coding again! :D You should try it too!
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Online Icon Converter

I have found a free online service that can convert an image to icon (.ico). It supports JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP image format. Before converting image to icon, we can configure the size and color depth. You can try it at this site.
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Fixing Not Visible Google Plus One Button

After write an article about fixing the sharing button on blogger, there's one more to do with the tweaks. A few months ago, google launched google plus and I think it's better than facebook :) Blogger can integrate with it so the reader on the blog can click a button to +1 to the article. On a blogger default template it may not has a problem, but on the custom template, it may has a problem. To make the plus one button visible, please follow this steps:
  1. Go to the Edit HTML page under the Design Tab , Check the “Expand Widget Templates”  Option.
  2. Search for one of this code :
     </b:includable><b:includable id="commentDeleteIcon" var="comment"> 
  3. Place the following code above one of the code that you found in number 2 (yes, before the closing tag):
     <b:if cond="data:top.showDummy">  
  4. Save your current template.
Note : Please backup your current design code before do any of this tweak!
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still Have Some Problems On Slackware 13.37, But It's OK

Slackware 13.37 is released. I have install it on my laptop too. Overall it's superb, but there's several problems that I don't know yet how to solve it :
  1. My laptop(ASUS A42J series) have hybrid graphics(nVidia and Intel) and use nVidia Optimus Technology. Until now, there's no official plan from nVidia to support hybrid graphics switching on linux. I have check the BIOS too, but there's no option for activate the discrete graphics only. In the slackware 13.37 default packages, there are noveau, but it makes my laptop hang while entering KDE, so I must black listing it in the configuration. At all, I only can use the Intel card. Although my nVidia card cannot be activated, the 3D acceleration for running compiz (desktop effects in KDE) works smoothly with Intel. :)
  2. I still cannot disable touch pad from X (use Fn+F9 combination keys on my laptop). So, I decide to disable it from BIOS since it often makes me do an accidental click.
  3. Still cannot turn off laptop wireless indicator light too, but it's no big deal because the wireless device actually turned off. The problem just on the light indicator. :)
Hopefully my problems can be solved in the future. Thanks to Patrick Volkerding and team who makes Slackware. Good job team! :)
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Friend In My Boarding House

Today I have a new friend in my boarding house. He's from Bandung and work as Japanese translator. I think it's amazing since person who can understand Japanese language is rare in Indonesia. I have talk to him on first time and he share about some knowledge of Japanese culture, lifestyle and culinary. The Japanese culinary is the most part that I interested on it, like ramen, sushi, yakiniku and the others. He say he can cook it, but I'm not sure yet though.big grin It's very interesting you know. From this conversation, I've got many new knowledges. I hope he can stay in the boarding house for a long time and maybe he can take me to Japan, at least for a vacation to Japan like he ever did. Evil Grin
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Xorg Updates On Slackware -current

Today Slackware -current updates(Feb 1 2011) makes me happy, because there's a lot of Xorg updates. Now I'm using Slackware 13.1 on my laptop and there are several problems like wireless light indicator keeps turn on even I turned it off, a lot of Fn toggle keys combination that not yet work and touch pad that cannot be turned off. I hope with the Xorg updates can fix my problems in the future when I upgrade my system to Slackware 13.2. Thanks to Robby Workman for this updates. applause
There's also added package, xdg-user-dirs to help manage "well-known" user directories like Desktop and music folder. I cannot imagine yet how this package works, but I'm sure there is a better folder management on Slackware 13.2. I just can't wait the Slackware 13.2 to be released and upgrade my system. Banana Cool
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Remove CBox Widgets From My Blog

I decide to remove my CBox widget on my blog because the spams still come to it even I have turn on the spam protection on my CBox configuration. Actually, it's a great tool for make a communication for people that I don't know since I and another person not have to make an account. Maybe I'll wait for CBox to improve it's security so, hopefully I want to add it again in my blog widgets. Cheers
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Android Gingerbread More Steady

Android 2.3 (code name : Gingerbread) has come with smoother animation, game development ready since it has concurrent garbage collection that minimize application pauses. It can access directly to audio, input and sensor events, OpenGL ES, assets, lifecycle and window management, open API for Low-Latency audio and Gyroscope sensor that have good sensitivity.
Gingerbread also introduced new way of communication that providing access to multiple cameras and can make a call via internet.
This all sounds good to me and may be other people who want to explore something on this technology or write a great code that runs on it. Rock
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