Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back To Slackware Again

Yesterday, I had installed fedora to my laptop replaced slackware due to hybrid VGA support problem. Slackware default kernel use version 2.6.33 that not support hybrid VGA. I have tried to compile kernel 2.6.36 that supports it, but it's useless. I don't know yet where is the problem. After install fedora 14, I realized that fedora can't play mp3 without gstreamer-plugins-ugly(used by rythmbox) or libxine(used by amarok). To install all the plugins and dependencies, I must download 99 MB size of total packages. That's impossible for me since I have very limited internet bandwith for a month. So, I revert back to use slackware as my operating system. It's better that I wait next slackware release than cannot listen to my lovely song. :)

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