Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Code Igniter Future Release Notes

Based on the news on the code igniter's site, it's future release(2.0) has some notes that you should know. It has no support for PHP4 anymore because of deprecation that lead to unsufficient support for the next stable release. So, starting today, the team required at least PHP 5.1.6. Another thing that you need to know are :
  • All core class names are prefixed with “CI_”. Be careful what you extend.
  • All core classes now use the __construct convention. Update your constructor calls!
  • CI_Base has been removed, the super object now starts at CI_Controller.
  • The compat file and compatibility helper have been removed. PHP 5.1.6 supports all the functions they provided.
The Model objects are cleaner:
Models are no longer assigned super object class members, instead CI_Model provides a __get() method that will look them up as they’re needed. This means that you can now serialize your model objects directly. It should not affect existing code.

Email and Validation chaining:
Like the DB library, the Email and Form Validation libraries have been made chainable. So the email example in the documentation can be written as:
$this->email->from('your@example.com', 'Your Name')
            ->subject('Email Test')
            ->message('Testing the email class.')

It seems the Code Igniter Framework has a lot of improvement and this framework is interesting to learn indeed! :)

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