Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

This new year is special for people who have interest in open source technology, especially developers. Early of this year, many products that may be released. KDE 4.6, Slackware 13.2, Netbeans IDE, JDK 7, Python 3.2, Aptana Studio 3 and many more. Yahoo

To all my blog readers, I have to say : Happy new year!

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Lord Jesus Christ has born today. Brings happiness to all of us. Let's spread the happiness to our family, friends or other people around us. May the blessings from God always be with you.
To all of my blog readers : Merry Christmas!xmas3Yahoo
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Tomorrow I'll Go To My Hometown

Christmas holiday is near. I have 11 days for the holiday from December 23 2010 until January 2 2011, but I'll leave Jakarta tomorrow. So I have 1 more day. :) I really miss to see my parents, brother and friends, since I go back to my hometown(Yogyakarta) only twice a year. I also want to try several new culinary place there, especially Javanese food. I hope I can spend my time and get a good holiday with them. Yahoo
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Indonesia Go To The Final

Indonesia wins again tonight, break down Philippines defenses with the goal from Christian Gonzales. Since the first half, Indonesia play offensive, but Philippines defenders are strong. Indonesia can't make a goal until "El Loco" creates a spectacular goal at 42'. At second half, there's no goal anymore.
In my opinion, both team have a good play, but Philippines play to harsh I think. They make the audience impressed with the match, including me. :)
There's many Indonesian players who play impressive tonight, like Christian Gonzales, Okto Maniani, Firman Utina and Arif Suyono. They have to fight against Malaysia in the final match. I hope Indonesia will win and be the champion, since they ever beat Malaysia 5-1 before.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cbox New Features : Captcha

Lately I received comments that actually is a spam on my Cbox. So, I search the way how to prevent this spams. Then I found something new that now we can enable captcha on Cbox. For Cbox users, you can find it at Options menu --> Posting options. Check the Require Captcha checkbox and save the settings. Now your Cbox is safe. Applause
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SLAX Still Alive

Slax is linux distribution based on Slackware. It's run with linux-live scripts created by Slax creator, Thomas M. The current stable version is 6.1.2 and it's old. I ever use Slax and it's become one of my favorite distribution. After I join the community for several months, I found that Thomas seems not to develop Slax anymore. I'm disappointed for that, but lately I found news on distrowatch weekly issue, that one of the Slax forum member(known as fanthom) keeps Slax alive with Slax Remix release. It's use KDE 4 and kernel from Slackware -current. I hope fanthom can keep up this good work and help Thomas to keep Slax alive forever. Rock
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Indonesia Plays Great Tonight

AFF Cup still go on. Today is semifinal between Indonesia and Philippines. The match is very awesome. I think tonight Indonesia plays tidy and low temper, build the attack carefully with accurate pass. They used counter attack too. While they do counter attacks, their speed and stamina seems long lasting. In the middle of the first half, Christian Gonzales make a goal with a header from narrow angle. Wow!
In the second half, Philippines have super strong defense. They give pressure and no chance to Indonesian players. Indonesian players must give more stronger attacks. They have several chance but still miss it. This goes until the second half finished. 1 - 0 for Indonesia. It's an advantage for aggregate goal in the second match later. I hope Indonesia still win the match.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Intel/nVidia Linux Hybrid-GPU Issue Almost Solved

Dual Graphical Processing Unit(GPU) is a great improvement for notebooks technology that let users to switch between powerful or energy-save GPU. Now it's not yet full supported on Linux operating systems. David Arlie from Red Hat has make some progress to enable switching for Intel and nVidia GPU combination after he done for Intel and ATI. Now he is testing for some basic switching operation and still found several issues. But the test is specific for Lenovo T410. I hope it's can be done shortly, so I can turn on my nVidia GPU on my notebooks too. :)
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Learning Python To Anticipate Change Of Java License

Java developers have to aware that Java open source license after Oracle acquisition over Sun maybe changed to commercial. As an alternative open source programming language, I think Python is suitable for developing desktop or web based application with high scalability like Java. It has a big community, rapidly developed and multi-platform too. It has clean style codes and simple syntax, make it easier to write and more readable.
The popular library for developing desktop apps in python is wxPython that based on WxWidget(written in C++). For building a web application, Python can be written from scratch as Common Gateway Interface(CGI) an run it under a webserver(i.e Apache with mod_python or mod_wsgi). In order to build python web application easier, we can use popular frameworks like Django or Turbo Gears.
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English Journalism Workshop At Ukrida

Today, I attended a journalism workshop at Ukrida by Jakarta Post. The Jakarta post is a newspaper in Indonesia that have international news scope. The trainer is editor from Jakarta post, Mr. Damar Harsanto. This workshop attended by Ukrida students and staff, including me. I attend it improve my skills in writing news or article in English. This is useful for me since I have a blog at blogspot. This workshop will be held for two days, at January 13 2010 until January 14 2010 from 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM. I hope after this workshop I can write better articles on my personal blog. :)
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Writing Python Codes Easier With PyDev

After several days I'm looking for the best open source IDE for writing Python codes, I have found that Eclipse or Aptana with PyDev Extension is the best. In the beginning, PyDev has a commercial license, but since September 2009 PyDev open sourced. PyDev has a lot of features that help python developers write the codes easier(code auto completion, syntax highlighting, code folding, code snippets, auto imports, etc). In the next release, PyDev will support unit testing.
The runner up is Geany. It's a lightweight general purpose editor. The syntax highlighting in Geany is great, but it's poor in auto code completion features. It only support few calltips. I recommend to use Eclipse or Aptana with PyDev. PyDev installation can be viewed on it's website.
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Friday, December 10, 2010

ASF Resign Form The JCP Executive Committee

After 10 years serve the Executive Committee(EC), Apache Software Foundation(ASF) resign from it following two other EC member, Doug Lea and Tim Peierls. Here's a quote from the ASF blog as explanation of ASF:
The recent Java SE 7 vote was the last chance for the JCP EC to demonstrate that the EC has any intent to defend the JCP as an open specification process, and demonstrate that the letter and spirit of the law matter. To sum up the issues at stake in the vote, we believe that while continuing to fail to uphold their responsibilities under the JSPA, Oracle provided the EC with a Java SE 7 specification request and license that are self-contradictory, severely restrict distribution of independent implementations of the spec, and most importantly, prohibit the distribution of independent open source implementations of the spec. Oracle has refused to answer any reasonable and responsible questions from the EC regarding these problems.
At this situation, I think the next of JDK is not open source anymore. But in the positive side, Java will be better developed under Oracle.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indonesia Wins Against Thailand

Indonesia wins against Thailand this evening, so Indonesia go to semifinal and Thailand must go home. The match is very interesting. On first half, the score is equal 0-0. Thailand has an offensive play, so Indonesia often got pressures but Thailand can't make a goal. On early of second half, Indonesia got some chance but it's nothing. Thailand also got many chance and make a goal at 69'.
After that Thailand plays more offensive and harsh, so some player got some yellow card and one of them gives penalty to Indonesia. Bambang Pamungkas goes for the penalty kick and successfully execute it. Indonesia refreshed mentally and trying to make one more goal. Their effort still not got a good result until Indonesia has a chance from penalty kick again. This second penalty kick is because of a Thailand player who got a hand ball. Bambang Pamungkas goes to the penalty kick and yes! He made it!(89') . The final result is 2-1 for Indonesia.

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AFF Cup 2010 - Indonesia VS Thailand

Tuesday, December 7 2010, Indonesia will meet Thailand at AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta. As an Indonesian people, I certainly give my support to Indonesian Football Team a.k.a PSSI(Persatuan Sepak Bola Seluruh Indonesia). Now, PSSI have a lot of young players who have great skill, like Irfan Bachdim, Oktovianus Maniani and Firman Utina. PSSI also have a better coach(Alfred Riedl) than the previous one. At the previous matches Indonesia beats Malaysia 5-1 and Laos 6-0. So, I think Indonesia will beats Thailand too this evening. applause
I hope PSSI don't underestimate Thailand, and give their best.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Gigapedia Is Moving To New Site

Gigapedia is an ebook download site that have extremely huge collection(more than 420.000 book entries). This site is closing and moving to and user registration at is closed permanently too. Existing gigapedia users will be migrated to over few months as the new site is developed and grows. At their new site, you can freely download the ebooks without registration. Now, you can temporary download ebooks there without registration until user migration process from gigapedia successfully completed. thumbs up
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

KDE Updated To 4.5.4 On -Current

In the slackware -current changelog(December 4 2010) there's some updates for kde packages. This updates also include amarok and kdevelop newer version. According to the amarok and kde official websites, they planned to release the next stable version at early 2011. Slackware next stable release will be approximately at the same time(I think it's February 2011 since 13.1 release date at May 2010). I wonder if it's release include KDE 4.6 and amarok 2.4. daydreaming
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QR Code Generator

Hi folks, there's an online tool for generate a QR-code for you. QR Code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code) created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. This tool is easy and free. Just type your URL, text, phone number or SMS and click generate. You can generate the code in varies size (Small, Medium, Large and Xtra Large) . After it's finish generate the code, save your QR-code image to your hard drive. Banana Lv 1

This is a sample of my QR-code image :

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New URL For My Blog

Yesterday, I've change my blog URL to I've change it since my previous URL seems too long and difficult to remember by people. I know the consequence of this action. Readers maybe confused with the missing link and I lost traffics to my blog. So, I create another blog to redirecting my previous URL to the new one. I will delete that after a month, hoping readers know that my blog has been moved. :bingung:
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Several Changes In My Blog Design

After approximately 3 weeks, I have bring my blog to several changes.
First, I add this template to support syntax highlighting with syntaxhighlighter.
After that, I have change the layout from fixed width to fluid. This is good because with the fixed width, there's like some empty space in the left and right. With fluid design, my blog can be seen fully filled.
I also have improved this template to correctly display the post date and time for each post that created at the same day, and display share buttons to Email, Facebook,Twitter, Blogger and Google Buzz. Beside that, I change the <pre> tag to display text with grey background. I think it's good for reader to help distinguish between normal and source code text too.
I hope I still can improve my blog with another things in the future. Yahoo
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Add Kaskus Emoticons On Blogger

After I install Yahoo + Plurk emoticons for blogger, I'm adding more emoticons from kaskus. I'm looking for scripts from and found it, but not whole emoticons from kaskus are available. So, I modify the script in order to include all the emoticons. You can copy this script and use it with greasemonkey or chrome:
// Based on the original emoticonsforblogger by Entry44
// Modified by Budi Ariyanto (

// Works only in Compose modes
// Add the emoticons at the end of the text

// modify the script to insert the emoticon directly after the cursor
// ==UserScript==
// @name           KasKus Smiley
// @namespace
// @description    You can use emoticons in Blogger.
// @include        http://**
// @include        http://**
// ==/UserScript==

window.addEventListener("load", function(e) {

function setemoticons(domname)
var editbar = document.getElementById(domname);
if (editbar) {

 var buttons = "
//only in kaskus
buttons += emoticonButton(":ilovekaskus:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":iluvindo:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":kiss:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":maho:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":najis:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":nosara:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":marah:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":duka:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":malu:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":ngakak:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":repost:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":repost2:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":s_up2:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":cendolbig:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":bata_big:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":recsel", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":takut:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":ngacir:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":berjabat:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":bingung:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":cekpm:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":capede:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":palu:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":peluk:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":cendoltoast:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":hoax:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":cystg:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":dp:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":selamat:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":thumbup:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":thumbup2:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":jrb:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":kaskus_bgt:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":kts:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":sundul:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":kacau_thread:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":cape_de:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":kaskus___:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton("::", "");

//only in kaskus(small)
buttons += emoticonButton(":cendolb", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":)b", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":cendols", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":ioveindonesias", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":berdukas", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":bingungs", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":najiss", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":ilovekaskuss", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":mads", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":sundulgans", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":hammers", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":bata", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":Yb", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":batas", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":cekpms", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":capedes", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":mahos", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":malus", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":kisss", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":ngakaks", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":takuts", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":reposts", "");

//standard smilies
buttons += emoticonButton(":thumbdown", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":metal:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":afro:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":linux2:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":matabelo:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":genit:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":hi:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":linux1:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":nohope:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":norose:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":)", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":doctor:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":ngacir:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":rose:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":angel:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":kagets:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":eek:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":fuck:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":email:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":ck:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":ricebowl:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":hammer:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":buldog:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":rolleyes:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":rainbow:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":Phone:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":gila:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":baby:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":moon:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":tai:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":p", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":exclamati", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":Onigiri:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":beer:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":kucing:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":shutup:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":breakheart", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":D", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":bingung:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":Peace:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":heart:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":o", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":thumbup:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":tabrakan:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":kissmouth", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":(", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":siul:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":malu:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":fuck3:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":army:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":Paws:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":confused:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":fuck2:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":tv:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":fm:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":medicine:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":kissing:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":wowcantik", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":mad:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":flower:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":clock:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton("amazed:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":coffee:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":sun:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":bikini:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":cool:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":rain:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":present:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":kimpoi", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":anjing:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":think:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":table:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(";)", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":shakehand", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":berbusa:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":frog:", "");
buttons += emoticonButton(":babi:", "");
buttons += separator();

 editbar.innerHTML += buttons;

function emoticonButton(name, url) {
return "\";})();ButtonMouseDown(this);">" + name + "\n";

function separator() {
return "
\n"; } setemoticons("formatbar"); }, false);

Notes : If you use google chrome, save this script in the following directory :


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Friday, December 3, 2010

Yahoo + Plurk Emoticon For Blogger On Google Chrome

Today I just installing the latest chrome stable release (8.0.552.215) and it works fine on my system(Slackware 13.1). According to information that I found from the internet, chrome supports scripts from (known as greasemonkey script in firefox) without any extensions. So I try to install a script from there. I choose to install a script to enable Yahoo + plurk emoticon to blogger post. First time I run it, I'm very disappointed because it doesn't work at all. So, I'm searching for a help on google, and I find something that solve the problem :
  1. Edit your shortcuts, add --enable-user-scripts after the end of the command to run google chrome. So your shortcut command look like this
    /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome --enable-user-scripts
    The path maybe different according to your own installation path.
  2. Don't use blogger updated editor, but the old editor instead. You can edit the settings from your dashboard, and look for Settings tab.
  3. Refresh your page and you will know that it just works!

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