Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indonesia Wins Against Thailand

Indonesia wins against Thailand this evening, so Indonesia go to semifinal and Thailand must go home. The match is very interesting. On first half, the score is equal 0-0. Thailand has an offensive play, so Indonesia often got pressures but Thailand can't make a goal. On early of second half, Indonesia got some chance but it's nothing. Thailand also got many chance and make a goal at 69'.
After that Thailand plays more offensive and harsh, so some player got some yellow card and one of them gives penalty to Indonesia. Bambang Pamungkas goes for the penalty kick and successfully execute it. Indonesia refreshed mentally and trying to make one more goal. Their effort still not got a good result until Indonesia has a chance from penalty kick again. This second penalty kick is because of a Thailand player who got a hand ball. Bambang Pamungkas goes to the penalty kick and yes! He made it!(89') . The final result is 2-1 for Indonesia.


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