Thursday, December 2, 2010

Install Backtrack 4 R2 To Your USB Thumb Drive

If you want to use Backtrack 4 R2 for your operating system in a USB thumbdrive, there's a simple way to install it. This is the steps to make it:

  1. Download Backtrack 4 R2 ISO here.
  2. Burn the ISO to a CD or DVD.
  3. Format your USB thumbdrive with FAT32 file system. You can do it with fdisk, cfdisk or format it with default Windows formatting tools.
  1. Boot your system with Backtrack DVD.
  2. Open the terminal / console.
  3. Create directory for mount point and mount the thumb drive to the mount point.

    mkdir /mnt/sdb1
    mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1

    Your thumb drive node is possibly different with the example above. So, please change it according to your device node. 
  4. Change directory to the tumb drive mount point and copy Backtrack files to your thumbdrive with this command :

    cd /mnt/sdb1
    rsync -r /media/cdrom0/* .

  5. Install grub.

    grub-install --no-floppy --root-directory=/mnt/sdb1 /dev/sdb

    Notes : Please change the device nodes in the example(sdb1, sdb) according yours.
  6. Reboot.
After reboot, you can see several choices at grub boot menu. If you want the persistence change support, you can choose Start Persistent Live CD from the menu.

Enjoy the backtrack 4 R2 :)


  1. thanks 4 the post mate.
    Trying it right now...
    rsync -vr /media/cdrom0/* .
    slip in the -v or you will be staring at a screen where nothing happens for quite a while.. :)


  2. good instructions but the point would of installing it to a USB would be so that you don't have to burn it to CD.