Sunday, December 12, 2010

Writing Python Codes Easier With PyDev

After several days I'm looking for the best open source IDE for writing Python codes, I have found that Eclipse or Aptana with PyDev Extension is the best. In the beginning, PyDev has a commercial license, but since September 2009 PyDev open sourced. PyDev has a lot of features that help python developers write the codes easier(code auto completion, syntax highlighting, code folding, code snippets, auto imports, etc). In the next release, PyDev will support unit testing.
The runner up is Geany. It's a lightweight general purpose editor. The syntax highlighting in Geany is great, but it's poor in auto code completion features. It only support few calltips. I recommend to use Eclipse or Aptana with PyDev. PyDev installation can be viewed on it's website.

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