Friday, December 3, 2010

Yahoo + Plurk Emoticon For Blogger On Google Chrome

Today I just installing the latest chrome stable release (8.0.552.215) and it works fine on my system(Slackware 13.1). According to information that I found from the internet, chrome supports scripts from (known as greasemonkey script in firefox) without any extensions. So I try to install a script from there. I choose to install a script to enable Yahoo + plurk emoticon to blogger post. First time I run it, I'm very disappointed because it doesn't work at all. So, I'm searching for a help on google, and I find something that solve the problem :
  1. Edit your shortcuts, add --enable-user-scripts after the end of the command to run google chrome. So your shortcut command look like this
    /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome --enable-user-scripts
    The path maybe different according to your own installation path.
  2. Don't use blogger updated editor, but the old editor instead. You can edit the settings from your dashboard, and look for Settings tab.
  3. Refresh your page and you will know that it just works!

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