Thursday, January 27, 2011

MoC : Music On Console

MoC is music player that running on console. It has GUI created with ncurses library. This application is very simple and lightweight, with two layout on the left(file browser) and right(playlist). It can play common music file format like mp3 and WAV with great sound. MoC's lack is at the poor search feature, that can only search for file on the current directory. So, it's rather useless. This weakness will be covered in the next release maybe, since the improvement on the search feature is on the wishlist. MoC also have equalizer preset, but you have to download it separately from MoC package. You can get the MoC package here.
For Slackware user : MoC will be added to Slackware 13.2, since it's on the -current package now. You have to be happy now since Slackware have default great console music player. :)

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