Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Friend In My Boarding House

Today I have a new friend in my boarding house. He's from Bandung and work as Japanese translator. I think it's amazing since person who can understand Japanese language is rare in Indonesia. I have talk to him on first time and he share about some knowledge of Japanese culture, lifestyle and culinary. The Japanese culinary is the most part that I interested on it, like ramen, sushi, yakiniku and the others. He say he can cook it, but I'm not sure yet though.big grin It's very interesting you know. From this conversation, I've got many new knowledges. I hope he can stay in the boarding house for a long time and maybe he can take me to Japan, at least for a vacation to Japan like he ever did. Evil Grin


  1. Japanese language is one of difficult language, you should treat that as your great experience...

  2. japanese people are known for their dedication towards work

  3. japanese language is very difficult, it is even difficult as compared to chinese, you've been gifted with a great opportunity to learn this great language

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  5. It really difficult to speak Japanese Language but for sure little by little you can learn it.

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  6. Japanese language is difficult but as we all know it's a big advantage to learn the language. If we go to Japan, for sure, advantage is ours. Have a great day!


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