Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still Have Some Problems On Slackware 13.37, But It's OK

Slackware 13.37 is released. I have install it on my laptop too. Overall it's superb, but there's several problems that I don't know yet how to solve it :
  1. My laptop(ASUS A42J series) have hybrid graphics(nVidia and Intel) and use nVidia Optimus Technology. Until now, there's no official plan from nVidia to support hybrid graphics switching on linux. I have check the BIOS too, but there's no option for activate the discrete graphics only. In the slackware 13.37 default packages, there are noveau, but it makes my laptop hang while entering KDE, so I must black listing it in the configuration. At all, I only can use the Intel card. Although my nVidia card cannot be activated, the 3D acceleration for running compiz (desktop effects in KDE) works smoothly with Intel. :)
  2. I still cannot disable touch pad from X (use Fn+F9 combination keys on my laptop). So, I decide to disable it from BIOS since it often makes me do an accidental click.
  3. Still cannot turn off laptop wireless indicator light too, but it's no big deal because the wireless device actually turned off. The problem just on the light indicator. :)
Hopefully my problems can be solved in the future. Thanks to Patrick Volkerding and team who makes Slackware. Good job team! :)

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