Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fixing Not Visible Google Plus One Button

After write an article about fixing the sharing button on blogger, there's one more to do with the tweaks. A few months ago, google launched google plus and I think it's better than facebook :) Blogger can integrate with it so the reader on the blog can click a button to +1 to the article. On a blogger default template it may not has a problem, but on the custom template, it may has a problem. To make the plus one button visible, please follow this steps:
  1. Go to the Edit HTML page under the Design Tab , Check the “Expand Widget Templates”  Option.
  2. Search for one of this code :
     </b:includable><b:includable id="commentDeleteIcon" var="comment"> 
  3. Place the following code above one of the code that you found in number 2 (yes, before the closing tag):
     <b:if cond="data:top.showDummy">  
  4. Save your current template.
Note : Please backup your current design code before do any of this tweak!


  1. Hopefully the new competition from Google will make both networks better and more valuable for their users.