Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Apache Roller Not Running Smoothly On Glassfish

Few days ago, I've tried installing Apache Roller 5.0 for my blog engine with MySQL and running it on glassfish 3.1.2 application server. At first glance, roller runs smoothly. I try to configure global roller configuration using server admin page and then create, edit, and delete blog post, changing themes, etc.
The problem comes when I want to create a blog post with an image from local media. To do that, I must upload the media file first, and then attach it on the editor. After successfully upload the media file, go back to the media file manager. My file that just uploaded not found, but it found if searched using roller search tool. It fixed if I restart glassfish domain and log in again.
There is one more problem after restarting glassfish domain. It's when I delete an uploaded file, the media file viewer still shows the border of the image container but no image on it, just the file name at the bottom.
There's no solution to this bug yet, but I have submit a report to JIRA@apache. While waiting for the bug fixed, I try deploy roller, run it with tomcat and voila, the bugs are gone! :D
My question are.. :
  • Is it because glassfish not using openjpa library for persistence layer?
  • Is there a cache in the URI resource that not refreshed after upload/delete image? If there is any of it, which part in the glassfish configuration that I should change?
  • Is the problem occur on the glassfish transaction service?
Hope the apache roller developer get the bug fixed ASAP since I should use it on my project. :\

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moinmoin Wiki Engine

This is my first post at 2012. I want to get used to post articles at this blog again, beside my activities at the office. At this post, I want to share about a wiki engine that I currently interested in. It is named moinmoin. It is not a new wiki engine and has already well known at world wild. This wiki engine is developed using python programming language. I love this wiki engine because this wiki engine is well documented, easy to setup, easy to use and it has many features, including but not limited to:
  1. Easy wiki syntax.
  2. Runs at any web server such as apache, nginx and moinmoin stand alone web server(using python). But if you want to use apache or nginx, you need wsgi or fast-cgi module for the respective webserver. Don't use cgi since it's slow.
  3. Macros. -- I love the macro that help create the table of contents :)
  4. Auto numbering.
  5. Easy leveling the depth of item/numbered list.
  6. Private sub page.
  7. It's content saved in plain text format. It means, save harddisk space and light weight.
  8. Many plugins/addons.
Currently I'm beginning to use moinmoin for works on any non-source code documentation at the office collaborate with my partners. Since it runs on web browser, everyone can read it. Trust me, it's fun. And it's even more fun if you combine moinmoin with dropbox! :D
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